Coffee in the rain! Sold!
British designers Andrew Tan, Ross Malcolm and Jordan Schlipf invented the Morella, a cup holder for umbrellas. It pivots, so that as you turn the umbrella up or down, the drinks stay stable and won’t spill. They’ve designed two models, one to carry just one drink and the other to carry two drinks.
The Japanese retailler Bellemaison is offering Disney Princess lingerie. No, it’s not for children, but for grown up Disney Princess fans. So far, only four versions are offered: Belle, Cinderella, Aurora, and Rapunzel. It’s not clear whether these are officially-licensed Disney products.
Why have just plain gingerbread cookies when you can have Ninjabread Cookies? This is the ultimate warrior when it comes to cookie gifting. You can find this $8 box of awesomeness at Amazon, Target, Cost Plus, etc…
Please go on sale, please go on sale! If I say it enough, it might eventually happen. These J Brand shoes are not only nifty but carry a hefty price of $175. If you want quality handcrafted leather, you have to pay for it, or be happy with the substitutes.
Gold Bond + Hand Sanitizer + Hand Lotion = My new favorite product!!! 
Love this stuff, had to order it online as it is not easy to find in stores. This is the perfect product for those of us who seem surrounded by folks that do not cover their mouths when coughing or sneezing. Ugh! If only I could spray everyone within a 3 foot radius of me with disinfectant! Since I cannot, this will work.
The Dipr….do I really need this? About as much as I need to eat that entire stack of cookies. It would probably make a better gift; a set of 4 cookie spoons is $12, add a carton of Oreos and instant gift. The gifting bonus is that then the cookie temptation is out of your sight.
My new favorite card company is Bald Guy Greetings. These cards are truly sarcastically evil and great for a good chuckle. Word of advice, make sure you give them to friends & family that you’re really close with. Find them on the web at

front card:
inside card:
Just so you know, I like you way more than all of those douche-bags that just wrote on your facebook wall. I mean come on; I bought you a piece of folded paper.
This corduroy shirt - yes corduroy! featuring a classic plaid pattern is only $23 from a Forever 21. Wear it alone with jeans and you’re looking like quite the Pacific North Westerner; use it as a jacket and you’re a little less lumberjack.
I recommend following makeup artist Katie Alves on DeviantART because her makeup works are always cleverly designed and professionally executed. Her gallery includes eye makeup showing scenes from Disney movies, ponies and expressions of the seven deadly sins. She works a lot with black light makeup including, most recently, this face showing the Bride of Frankenstein. Shine on ultraviolet light to spark her into life.